Our goal is to not only teach kids music, but to make a difference in their lives the special way music can!

We are interested in making good AND happy people; making children who can grow into doing good for others and themselves;We believe that no child should go without music; so we encourage all families no matter their financial situation to pursue our program.

What is MFAK?

Enjoy this brief introduction to MFAK - Music for All Kids, a Marquette, MI based 501C3 Non Profit formed to bring musical instruments and instruction into the lives of students who are underserved by existing programs.


We offer many exciting opportunities to a variety of underserved youth in our community.

Events include live performance, workshops, fundraisers, instrument donations and much more!

Teaching in the schools

In our home community of Marquette, Michigan. MFAK collaborates with local school districts to provide every child with a musical education.

Private lessons

Our talented Director and instructor, Nicklas Johnson, is an accomplished and seasoned professional musician.

Having over ten years of teaching experience in different environments Nick can personalize a plan for your child


Grant or Award

Marquette Art Education


Community of Mqt. Foundation


Rotary Grant

Health and Happiness nonprofit of the year


VIP Chosen non-profit


Program director:

Nicklas Johnson